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Animation, 11:24 min.
Made for the public art commission "The Slow World", curated by Katya Sander for Stockholms Läns Landsting (project leader Finbar Krook Rosato), Nya Karolinska, 2018.

This film is structured as a countdown, from 10 to 0, during which we encounter various more or less successful attempts to reach a true inner core, a valid starting point, or an objective point of view.

Script, sound, animation: Janna Holmstedt
Voices: David Book, Orenda Fink, Janna Holmstedt
Language: English with Swedish subtitles

Excerpt from the script:

T-minus 10 minutes and counting

You’re floating in your custom-made water tank. Neither sound nor light can leak in from the outside and the salinity of the water allows you to float without the slightest effort.

Weightlessly, you’re drifting, hour after hour – a feeling of utter relaxation while your skin slowly fills with water.

The boundaries of your body literally begin to dissolve.

Eventually, you’ll be able to experience the world as it really is.


4 minutes and counting

(The vanishing point).
You feel you are coming closer to a point where everything can begin.

There’s an ideal point where all movement ceases, where pressure abates, atoms stop vibrating and cold air spreads:

The Absolute Zero Point.

But before this ideal point is reached, individual atoms lose their identity – they suddenly synchronize their movements and become impossible to tell apart.

The temperature sinks drastically to 2 nanokelvin. Closer to absolute zero than this is impossible to get.

At room temperature, matter moves at 1 500 kilometers per hour.
Our solid condition is breakneck velocity.

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