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Are You Ready for a Wet Live-In?

Artistic doctoral project in Fine Arts, Umeå Academy of Fine Arts, Umeå University / Malmö Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts, Lund University, Sweden / Konstnärliga forskarskolan, Sweden. Ongoing since Nov 2010.

The SQUID project
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SQUID is an artists-run text archive on the Internet and a framework for different live arrangements. It is run by Janna Holmstedt (SE), Katja Aglert (SE) and Martijn van Berkum (NL). Ongoing since 2005.
  Nu-institutet [The Now Institutet]
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Nu-instititutet is an independent and non-profit culture organization, run by Janna Holmstedt (SE) and director and filmmaker Karin Wegsjö (SE). Ongoing since 2009.
Happiness, a Five-Year Plan
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A short fiction film by Janna Holmstedt and Karin Wegsjö, based on a collaboration with artists Luo Fei, He Libin, Lei Yan, Cheng Liangchun, Su Yabi and Sun Guojuan. Nu-institutet. Premiere 2015.
Freedom to Sing to Oneself
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A cultural exchange project between Nu-institutet, Stockholm, Sweden, and TCG Nordica, Kunming, China, which involves Chinese and Swedish artists and filmmakers, 2012.

The Swedish Giveaway
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Since the start, Nu-institutet has explored ”freedom” as a concept and reality through different artistic practices – such as workshops, performances, exhibitions, film, etc. – in order to both examine and present different aspects of this complex theme. "The Swedish Giveaway" was a 1-year project that took the Swedish election year 2010 as a point of departure.
The Hard and the Soft

An artistic investigation of Öyvind Fahlström's concrete theater play "Det hårda och det mjuka" from 1953. Produced by Alice Kollektiv and performed at Tensta konsthall and Unga Klara, May 2010, and at Dansens hus, Aug 2010.
Book: Att dela ett samhälle [To Share/Divide a Society]

This book reports on the collaboration between four artists – Janna Holmstedt, Anna Högberg, Johan Tirén and Johan Waerndt – and includes reflections by a number of writers, offering a variety of approaches to art and regional planning. Texts by Doreen Massey, Stefan Jonsson, Catharina Gabrielsson, Marie Kraft, Jonathan Metzger and Emma Stenström among others. Ed. Ann Magnusson (The Culture Administration within the Stockholm County Council, 2010).
Exhibition: Att dela ett samhälle [To Share/Divide a Society]

"Att dela ett samhälle" is the head title of a series of works produced more or less collaboratively by the artists Janna Holmstedt, Anna Högerg, Johan Tiren and Johan Waerndt between 2007-2009. Exhibited at Kulturhuset, Stockholm, 2009.

Printed matter: Att dela ett samhälle
[To Share/Divide a Society]

A4-sized folder containing three art projects on the topic of social perspectives in urban planning. Cooperation between Janna Holmstedt, Anna Högberg, Johan Tirén and Johan Waerndt, 2009.

A Radical Shift of Scenery

A 3-room apartment was temporarily transformed into a ”black box” – a stage for in-depth discussions during the important period of consideration of a new Regional Development Plan for the Stockholm Region. 200 politicians, officials and regional stakeholders were invited to participate in workshops during one month. This project is a cooperation between the artists Janna Holmstedt, Anna Högberg, Johan Tirén, Johan Waerndt and produced in collaboration with planners at the Office of Regional Planning, 2008.
Trial and Error
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Trial and Error is a collaboration with the artist and curator Po Hagström, 2005-2009.
Monument for the Masses

What kind of monuments are possible? Where and when? In Estonia the artist Tauno Kangro has offered a 14 meter statue of a national hero as a gift to the City of Tallinn. This 2-year project (2005-2006) take the controversial monument as starting point. It consists of a proposal for a counter-monument, a campaign to gain support for the proposal, an exhibition and a website.
We Invite All

A research and exhibition project by the workgroup AUPG, initiated by Sören Grammel & Jan Verwoert. Exhibited at BildMuséet, Umeå, Sweden, 2006 and in "Whatever happened to social democracy?" at Rooseum, Malmö, Sweden, 2005.