Janna Holmstedt

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| works | projects | writing |stage | statement | resumé | recent and upcoming
| works | projects | writing |stage | statement | resumé | recent and upcoming
| works | projects | writing |stage | statement | resumé | recent and upcoming
| works | projects | writing |stage | statement | resumé | recent and upcoming
| works | projects | writing |stage | statement | resumé | recent and upcoming

Voice, vision and sense of place

My work is rooted in both art and theatre. One way to describe my practice is to say that I work with föreställningar – a Swedish word that refers to perceptions, imagination, preconceptions as well as performances. I often use fictionalized situations and set-ups together with sound. Voice and time are vital ingredients, as well as the situation at hand and what you as visitor bring into it.
The stories told, fictional and documentary, are related to what you see, but also the situation you find yourself in while listening. Voice and vision, or lack of vision, are thus used to activate specific perceptions and preconceptions in a kind of one-man performances.

Ph.D. project
Since Nov 2010 I am a Ph.D. candidate in Fine Arts at th eUmeå Academy of Fine Arts, Umeå University / Malmö Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts, Lund University, Sweden / Konstnärliga forskarskolan, Sweden. The title ofthe research project is "Are You Ready for a Wet Live-In?” and it will include a series of performances and installations.

Collaborative projects
Collaborative projects are an important part of my artistic practice and I see them as temporary universities where new approaches and activities can be tested and specific topics explored.
In the 2-year-project "Monument for the Masses", made in collaboration with Po Hagström, narrative strategies, as well as sampling and recontextualization of already existing material were used on a large scale. Here we took an existing proposal for a monument in Estonia, altered it in substantial ways and presented our re-make as a counter-monument. Our proposal was used as a point of departure for mapping stories and rituals surrounding art in public space. Rather than focusing on the values and virtues monuments are said to symbolize, we explored the misunderstandings, conflicting relations and stories associated with them.

“To Mushroom” was made in collaboration with Anna Högberg. We produced a collection of maps that explored social systems and different types of public spaces from an ecological perspective. Concepts such as social capital, exclusion, and democracy were examined – this in order to discuss more or less invisible social values in relation to urban planning.
Together with the film maker and director Karin Wegsjö, I run Nu-institutet [The Now Institute], which is an independent and non-profit culture organization. Currently we are producing the short fiction film "Happiness, a Five-Year Plan",which has been shot in China and Sweden.
In 2005 I started SQUIDproject.net together with the artist Katja Aglert. "SQUID" is an ever-expanding, online archive of texts written by cultural producers from different countries, but also a framework for offline activities such as readings, artist talks, screenings, etc. In 2008 Martijn van Berkum [NL] joined as project manager on a regular basis.

Since 1992 I have also made works for the stage.