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To Mushroom [Som svampar ur Jorden]
Mapping social infrastructures, six double-sides posters and a leaflet, 42x 59,4 cm, collaboration with Anna Högberg, 2009. (Scroll down to download pdf)
”To Mushroom” is a collection of maps that explore social systems and different types of meeting places from an ecological perspective. Here local initiatives, as well as programs run by the municipality and big events as the Stockholm Pride Festival are explored. What they have in common is that they transgress borders, act as interfaces, or bridge different fields and social groups. Concepts such as social capital, exclusion, public space and democracy are examined – this in order to discuss more or less invisible social values in relation to urban planning.  
”From Riots to Festivals" – Stockholm Pride festival
”A Social Market” – A Local Exchange Trading System in Stockholm  

”Hub and Circuit” – The Sport- and Adventure Week in Kungsträdgården  
" Knowledge-flow” – Konsthall C in Hökarängen  
”An Interface to Society” – A school in Vårberg providing Swedish language courses for immigrants
"Out of Air" – Democratic consultations in the municipality of Sigtuna  

Why mushrooms?
Mushrooms perform an essential role in ecosystems. They are indispensable in nutrient cycling and exchange. Most fungi are largely invisible, but over 90% of all plant species live in symbiosis with mushrooms and are dependent upon this relationship for survival.
Public spaces, that offer platforms for engagement and interaction across social borders, are indispensable for a vital democracy. But what does it take to create and sustain such spaces? Using mushrooms as metaphor, we highlight the processes and relations needed (mycorrhizas), rather than the visible products (the fruiting bodies).
The case studies presented here do not attempt to categorize or represent the vast and diverse field of human interactions, but instead the maps take a closer look at the unexpected relations, contexts and occurrences that trigger the forming of important meeting places. Is it possible to plan for the unplanned?

”To Mushroom” was distributed with the so-called exhibition version of the new Regional Development Plan for the Stockholm Region, RUFS 2010, during the autumn 2009. It has been made within the framework of a long-term project at the Office of Regional Planning [Regionplanekontoret], called ”Sharing/Dividing a Society” [Att dela ett samhälle]. The black folder in which it was distributed also includes work by Johan Waerndt and Monika Marklinger (collaborative) and Johan Tirén.View the folder here >>

Exhibitions and seminars
The project has been presented at:
"Verka", group exhibition and seminar on artistic strategies in urban space, Sep 10-19, 2009, Studio 44, Stockholm.
"Open engagement - Commissioning and Producing Art for the Public Realm", group exhibition and international symposium, Sep 25-Oct 11, 2009, Marabouparken annex, Sundbyberg.
"Labyrinth 09 - Writings and Observations", Nov 7-Mar 13, 2010, Botkyrka konsthall.
”Att dela ett samhälle", 28 Nov-9 Dec, 2009, Kulturhuset, Stockholm.

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